Sunday 17 December 2023

Nobody expects the counts-as Inquisition!

Aaaaand... They're finally done!

I kind of like Strike Team Justian - but I already HAVE ONE Space Marine KT (my White Templars - Intercession). So I decided to do something different. Since I am knee deep in “Counts as”-Kill Teams already, I figured one more couldn’t hurt - right?

The team is lead by Ordo Malleus Inquisitrix Ivana Fyodorova (Captain Justian - her thunder hammer, Izgonját, represents the Power Fist). Probably 30-40 standard Terran years older than her looks lead one to believe, thanks to rejuvanat treatments, she is an experienced Inquisitor, who tirelessly hunts the Daemon and the Heretic.

Furthermore, she employs the Vindicare Assassin ‘Tarim’ (Eliminator) and a hulking brute of a close combat servitor, designation ‘Gedeon-527’ (Assault Marine), enhanced far beyond their usual combat capabilities, gifted to her by a Mechanicus Magos as a token of gratitude for banishing a cohort of data daemons many years prior.
Furthermore, she is joined by a retinue of 3 Astartes of the Exorcists chapter, who regularly sends aid to Inquisitors, due to their close bond to the Inquisition, Malleus in particular. These are Sergeant Lysos, Heavy Gunner Brother Asheras and Brother Daecath.

Painting them was a bit of a mixed bag - I've found a recipe for painting red, that I really enjoy (I cannot stand bright red, always been more partial to a burgundy tone), but the very clean Eavy Metal-esque style takes forever, and I'm not sure I really like the result as much as my usual, a little grimier style. However, the vials on the servitor and the active camo/cloaking effect on the assassin was lots of fun to try. 

I hope you like them!

The Vindicare Assassin Tarim, Inquisitrix Ivana Fyodorova and Gedeon 527

Heavy Gunner Brother Asheras, Sergeant Lysos and Brother Daecath.