Wednesday 12 July 2017

Pondering the colour scheme for my new Death Guard...

Hi guys - I've made two testers for my new Death Guard army, and I'm kind of torn between the green one, which is new to me, and the white one, which is a variant of the old one - which should I go for?

(obviously, details aren't done yet.)

Update: I've tweaked them both a bit - still very much in doubt; the white one is most clearly visible on the table, while I think it's a bit flat/boring when closely inspected. The green one is the opposite.

The tweaks I've made are some washes used a glazes, trying to get some warm and cool colours into the armour, and lightening the green one a bit.

Oh, and I managed to start a crazy conversion tonight, an idea that has been brewing in my head for some time - a BlightFiend! (Nurgle Forge Fiend)