Sunday 16 July 2017

Some minor Plague Marine conversions...

Hi guys - today I'm showing off some minor plague marine conversions I've done. Since I got my hands on 2 sets of the Nurgle part of the starter set, I wanted to do some conversions - I'm not a fan of all the miniatures, and I wanted to do some tweaks. This way, when the (hopefully) 10 man multi part plague marine kit comes out, I have 11 marines already, giving me a grand total of three 7 man units - with no duplicates.

Without further ado, here they are:

First off - I really really hated the sorcerer. In my opinion, it's just a straight out horrible miniature. Kraut Scientist (of Eternal Hunt fame) seems to have made it right somehow, but from the first time I saw the Champion of the Plague Marine unit, I thought he'd make a much better sorcerer. Very simple conversion, just a few arm swaps (with a staff from the Blight Kings kit):

Also since I've got 2 Noxious Blightbringers, and doubt that I'll be using even one, I thought he is a great miniature, and with the addition of a power fist and the arm from the "grenade guy", he looks like an awesome champion. I also disliked the weird horns on the guy on the left, so I scraped them off, and reposed his left arm in a more dynamic open position:

Next up is my second plasma gunner, using the arms from the bolter "duplicate guy", so they would have different shoulder pads, and a head swap - I really prefer the MkIII helmets. The other guy is made using a leftover belly plate and the legs from the sorcerer, scraped free from the insect stuff - not sure about the head though:

Last up is my second champion, just a simple matter of grinding away the hooded head (still needs some greenstuff touchups), and putting on a disgusting, bloated bare head (I think it is an alternative head from the Glottkin kit). The last guy, on the right, is made using another "duplicate marine" body, the sorcers shoulder pads, a bolter scraped free from the left hand, the torso from the sorcerer, and a head from the blight kings. I really like this one: