Monday 24 July 2017

The walking pox...

Hi guys - I've managed to get all my 20 pox walkers ready for paint. I couldn't resist getting the 6 man quick assemble box too, and I realised that with a few small conversions and the 6 additional guys, I had an opportunity to have 20 unique models - so thats what I did. I also removed almost every single horn on the pox walkers, since I disliked them - it gives them IMO an odd silhouette, and takes away from the creepiness of them. This I like much better. To hide the cuts, and give some extra texture, I glued on some micro beads from a Brita water filter. Great stuff for Nurgle, but it sure is a bitch to separate the beads from the active carbon they're mixed with. If anybody has any tips for an easy way to do it, I'm all ears. :)

Anyway, here they are: