Thursday 27 July 2017

Tweaking the Dreadnought a bit...

Hi guys - not much progress on the Daemon Prince, since I still can't get the lower body to click - I've ordered some legs from a bits site, so I'll see if that works out, when they show up.

Anyway, a buddy at my local gaming club looked at the Nurgle Dreadnought while I was working on some other things (I have this habit of lining up the models I'm working on, so I can constantly check if the look and feel of the miniatures match each other), and he commented that it is so much bigger than a normal dreadnought, that I should use it as a Hellforged Contemptor - it also has longer legs, etc... I thought about it for a bit, and I think it's a great idea; I like the thought of it being a bit more elite than a standard Helbrute, and especially reading up on the fluff of it, him not being driven insane, having him actually being a great champion of Nurgle, instead of a raving lunatic.

Reading the rules, however, this posed a problem - Contemptors can't take a missile launcher for an arm. I pondered about it a bit, and decided that he should have a Butcher Cannon instead; this also allows me to play it as a standard dreadnought with auto cannon, should my opponent refuse to use FW rules. I spent some time tinkering with how to turn my missile launcher into a Butcher Cannon arm (not wanting to screw up my previous work too much, and really liking the stubby arm aesthetic of the missile pod), and I came up with simply stuffing some auto cannons into the pod, cutting away a little material and mounting the ammo drums, and using some chaos vehicle chains to bulk the barrels up a bit - they looked a bit weedy at the bottom, without the chains.

I think it worked out pretty cool, but let me know what you think. :)