Thursday 17 August 2017

A drastic - but good - decision.

Yup - I've made a drastic decision. It was made for two reasons;

First being that I wasn't really loving the Defiler. It wasn't bad, but I wasn't loving it either, and I need to crazy in love with my work for me to really enjoy it and be satisfied. When I make something like that, I can't stop looking at it from different angles, and I felt that the Defiler was lacking in several ways - the scourge wasn't really what I wanted, the pose was sort of boring, etc.

The second being that my Forgefiend, which I really liked, couldn't make it into the Death Guard army list - for some reason DG doesn't like them. I know it could be made into a secondary detachment, but then the Detachment wouldn't be DG, and it just... Didn't feel right. Also, the legs seemed kind of small for it - it bordered on the comical. I want the theme to feel steampunkish, but never comical. I want scary, dammit!

So the decision was to rip both Forgefiend and Defiler apart, and make a rocking Defiler from the best of both worlds, and lo and behold, I think I did it - this, I REALLY like:

The tendrils are meant to be the Defiler Scourge - I reckon they work, but comments and critique are welcomed. :)

I'm still wondering if it should have some of the Forgefiend exhausts - I might experiment a bit.

The legs took a lot of time - first, all the necron pattern crevasses had to be filled, then filed, and then put through distressing/corrosion hell with my dremel - well worth it, at the end. I still need to do corrosion on the armour plates, but that'll get done, once it's put completely together - that way I know where it'll need to go.

On another note, my Daemon Prince's missing leg has arrived - hopefully an update about that later tonight.


I've started cutting up the legs, to repose them, and blocking in the pose; I think I've finally found what I was looking (cue U2) - they obviously still need a lot of sculpting to rid them of the tyranid look, and give them armour plates, but the basic shape and pose are pretty much in place:

I've also done a bit of work on the Decimator I found in a bag lying about - I've ground down the square leg plates, and have plans to do the same to the shoulder pads, since they don't fit at all with the "rounded armour daemon engine aesthetic" (they were also made before Chaos was revamped), but for some reason I don't think it works as all - it just seems... Lego-ish, like a toy? I'm a bit stumped, because I'd really like a Decimator for the DG army, with dual Soul Burners, but right now it looks like I need to go back to the drawing board.

Update #2:

I've made a VERY rough mockup of a Decimator idea, that seems a bit more "nurglish" - the small bottles are placeholders for the Soul Burner Petards I've yet to make:

And a quick comparison between the different "monsters" so far:

Oh, and a word of warning - a couple of nights ago, I was cutting a piece of plastic with my plastic cutters, and it had some dried superglue stuck to it. The dried superglue is very hard, and a piece of it was launched into my eye, embedding itself into to cornea of my left eye - now, that hurt.
I tried flushing my eye and and I thought it was okay, so I went to sleep. The morning after it was even worse, so my wife (a nurse) gave me a scolding for ignoring it, and sent me off to the emergency room. They managed to dig it out, it had managed to go a little deep, and given me some antibiotic eye drops. It's much better now, thankfully, and my eyesight don't seem to have suffered, but I'll be sure to get some safety goggles when working on stuff like that in the future - and you should too; we only get one set of eyes, and they should never be taken for granted. :)