Wednesday 9 August 2017

Bits have arrived! But alas, the warp storms are affecting the bitz store...

Hi guys - my bitz order arrived from today, and I frantically tore open the nicely packed envelope, and basked in the glory of the new body parts for my Daemon Prince, his means of motion, his grotesque, mutated... Two left legs?

Dangit. They've sent me two left flying hive tyrant legs by mistake. To their excuse, they've immediately answered my mail, and they'll send me the right one promptly. So, the prince will have to wait a bit longer for his legs. On the positive side, they seem to fit really nice, and they seem to have the right dimensions - I've made a few cuts, and mounted on the giant hooves, to see how it fits, and I suspect that they'll look great, once they get armour sculpted on. Please excuse the picture - he really is a mess of non finished green stuff, blutack, and plastic parts as he is:

As you can see, I'm also toying with giving him a mutated, extra right arm.

I also grabbed the chance to order some useful bits, while I was browsing their website, so I got a few mkIII helmets and every single exhaust they had - one can never have too many exhausts!

I wanted to take a shot a converting mkIII helmets into Plague Marine helmets, and with a very small grinder bit, my dremel and some patience, I think it works pretty well (still needs some cleanup, I can see with the closeup):

I've also gotten some more green stuff on the Helbrute, and with the exception of some small details and tubes, he's about ready for paint - really satisfied with this one:

I got another idea, while rummaging through my bits box last night - there lay the wreck of my old Dark Mechanicus mauler fiend, which I was never really satisfied with. I had used the body of a FW Blood Slaughterer, and looking at it, I found some Necron Stalker legs, an Aracnarok body, and the gears started churning; I'm gonna do a defiler. It's only on the sketching state at the moment, but I think it has potential:

(Very much inspired by the Grievers from Maze Runner on this one - obviously needs another head)

Lastly, I'll just leave a small teaser of my project for the army, that's being worked on, on the side - it WILL get done, but I want to take it slow, enjoy it, and do it right. Any guesses?


I've been working some on the Defilers battle cannon - I wanted to make it into a combiweapon of sorts, combining it with the reaper auto cannon; still needs the bayonets, but I'm kinda digging it; It might not seem like much for a few hours work, but I always find mechanical stuff time-consuming - everything has to be straight as an arrow.

I also added some detailing to the Helbrute; some plague censers where the eyes used to hang on the sarcophagus, some insectoid limbs on the right side of the sarcophagus, a few spikes and a couple of extra exhausts - better?

A quick bad pic of the Defiler as a mockup - barely held together by blutack