Thursday 3 August 2017

Helbrute and Plague Marines incoming!

Since I'm waiting for some bitz for my daemon prince to arrive, I might as well do something in the meantime;

Since reading about the Helbrute in the new Index: Chaos, I got very excited about the Helbrute as a close combat monster - I've always pictured it as a raving maniac given metal form, and the new rules (extra attacks! And wounds like monstrous creatures! Finally!) make it seem like it could actually work - of course it has to get across the table, but 8" of movement isn't too bad, and best of all, the new Power fist/power scourge combo puts out a lot of hurt; 4 base attacks, +1 attack for having two close combat weapons, and 3 bonus attacks for the power scourge - that's 3 attacks with str 8, dam 2 and 5 attacks with str. 12 dam 3 - a grand total of 8 high str attacks!

Anyway, I got myself a Helbrute kit, and decided I had to do something about the legs - I really dislike the kit Helbrutes legs and feet - they feel so short and stumpy, and fat thighs as well, plus they seem so flat and mono-posey. I don't get why they didn't work on the DV Helbrute, and made the legs more like that model. Anyway, chop chop, off with his legs. I cut the legs of the Helbrute kit, just above the ankles, and made that the new knee joint, and mounted them on the lower legs of a couple of DV Helbrute legs I had laying about - this made the legs seem longer, and gave me the possibility of having a more interesting and menacing pose. I also made a new power fist with some Heldrake talons, and a Killa Kan circular saw - inspired by Morbäcks great helbrute on that one.

Furthermore, I gave it the DI Sorcerers belly plate and a plasma gunners head, to make it look more distinctively Nurgle, which I think works quite well. Obviously, he still needs a lot of green stuff work to make it all come together, detailing, and smoke stacks, but I think the basic model works really well.

Update: Someone on a forum requested more angles of the Helbrute, so I might as well share them here too:

I also finally got hold of the new snap fit PM kit, after them being sold out in all my local stores; they must be popular. However, even before getting them, I had planned to cut them up somewhat, since I only really liked the basic bolter PM.

I promptly cut off the power fist, since I wanted to use it on my Blightbringer champion.

The astute reader will also see that I've managed to do some clever cutting with his left arm, thereby giving him a Plasma gun, as well as giving the other champion a back banner, and a backpack with a Plasma gun, thereby giving me two cool Plasma champions:

Lastly, I used the Champions body, and used it for a (in my opinion) more interesting pose Blight Launcher gunner, along with some leftover DI Plague Marine parts: