Saturday 12 August 2017

More Defiling and ... Helbruting?

A small update on the Defiler and the Helbrute:

I've begun bulking up the defiler - and please note that not all of the parts are final (especially
the engines), so it's more like a sketch than anything - but I could use some feedback, since I'm a bit knee deep into doing it, and sometimes I lose my focus when I get there - is it working, or should I go in a completely different direction?

Also some more details on the Helbrute - I gave him some extra exhausts (once again, those Fiend stacks sure come in handy), and I've given him a chainmail loincloth, which help the wide stance a bit. I've also glued on the insect legs on the sarcophagus, and a large spike on his left shoulder: