Sunday, 31 August 2014

Plaguebearers joining the party.

Hi guys, GR here.

 I've decided to add a couple of Plaguebearers to my Kill Team, to replace one of the units of cultists - mostly because cultists are very cheap and good in this format, and because I wanted to turn down the power level a bit.

However, after having a long hard look at the standard plastic plaguebearers, I decided that they were too goofy, small and non-threatening for my little Kill Team, so I went to my local GW, looked at the shelves, and let my imagination fly. I ended up bringing home a box of crypt horrors, which I've spent most of last night cutting up and throwing green stuff onto. They're still WIP, I need to think about what to do with the swords, perhaps some intestines hanging from their bellies, and maybe a single eye - I am, however, very partial to the idea of blind daemons.

I also wanted to show you guys the NPC monster for the next mission in our Kill Team campaign - the Tunnel Dweller.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Not dead – just reloading!

Hello again everyone

Finally I have found the time to make an update for the blog. It’s been a great summer with a lot of new things happening so the hobby haven’t gotten as much time as it deserves. But still I have gotten a little work done.

I have painted a tzeentch daemon army for a friend, I haven’t found the time to take pictures, but it is turquoise, purple and green. Basically very colourful! I will see if I can get the chance to snap some pictures of the army, but I’m not promising anything.

Besides the daemons I have kept working on my Menites. Not a lot has happened, but a lot of key pieces has gotten some paint.

One of the first projects I starte on was actually the Avatar of Menoth. I done a little conversion job with some help from GR, but I had a hard time getting my self motivated for the painting, but since it is properly going to be in one of my lists for the upcoming Masters tournament next month it had to be done.

One of my friends backed the kickstarter for the warmachine computer game, but he doesn’t play Protectorate of Menoth so I was so lucky to get my hands on Tristan Durant that way. I’m very excited about Tristan since I enjoy running jacks and he makes it possible for some of the low focus casters in the faction to get one more in the list.

Didn’t get a good picture of Tristan, but I will get one next time I get the chance

Tristan has Fortify, which I find very interesting for scenario play, so I decided to paint up a Templar. Simply putting it in a zone with fortify on and Tristan camping way back will do great job a denying my opponents some CP. I is also a great target for blazing effigy from pFeora how haven’t really got enough focus to both give is a charge an some extra swings with beat back and casting the spell.

I also finished my vigilant. It’s been in my pFeora lists to protect my daughters against blasts. I’m planning to have my Bastion Seneschal run it, since I have had a hard time keeping it in pFeoras control area.

Since I been playing pFeora I gotten my hands on some cleansers and I have painted up a minimum group. I got a full unit and also the UA, but I haven’t really gotten my self around to painting the rest since I have a hard time seeing were I would find the points for this 10 point unit.

Besides the cleansers some more flameguards need paint, and last night I finished a full unit of Temple Flameguards, now only needing to finish their UA. I think they can be a great speedbump and I think they will find their way into some eSeverius and Kreoss3, since they are a good target for Holy Ward, bring them up to def 17 againt charge attacks.

Next up is some new war casters Thyra and The High Reclaimer

I haven’t gotten around to playing either of the two, but I am hoping to get around to it next week. I will return with my findings

Since I started playing Reznik I painted up a single wrack for him to create doing games, but I have gotten around to finishing the last two. We all now they are great

I also worked on some mercs, but my pictures didn’t turn out all that well. I painted Gorman, Saxon and the lovely Lady Aiyana and Master Holt. Only the pics of that last two turned out well, so here they are.

And what is next? I’m working on my Vessel of Judgement, hoping to finish it today. Further down the road is a second unit of bastions, some forgeguard and a lot more.


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Abominus, Terminator Champion of Nurgle, is ready for battle!

I've finished the painting on my evil Nurgle Champion, Abominus. He seems a bit darker than the others, mostly because the trims are more dominant on him, but I like the result - he seems very dark and looming, and I particularly like his pet vulture.

I'm almost done greenstuffing the spawn - can't decide if it needs more arms. Hmm... 

Mmmm... Spawn-butt:

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Chaos Champion Abominus almost done!

I'm almost finished with the modelling of Abominus, my terminator champion for the Nurgle Kill Team warband, so I thought I'd snap a few shots of him. He's a big, mean hunk of rot, filth and evil.

He's armed with a heavy flamer and a lightning claw, and as you can see from the pics, I've magnetized the gun arm, and am in the process of building him an underslung combiplasma as well.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How to paint Nurgle Cultists, GR-style.

Hi guys.

Some people have asked how I did the Nurgle cultists, since I've said that I used mostly washes. I'm not gonna do a tutorial, since I've got a lot of real life work at the moment, but I'll happily share the recipe with you. :)

1) Prime white
2) Wash whole model (except flesh and hood) in Nuln Oil
3) Wash green parts Waaargh flesh ( thinned 50/50)
4) Wash brown parts Agrax
5) Wash brown parts thinned Steel Legion (50/50)
6) Wash hood with 50/50 thinned Army Painter Strong Tone
7) Wash black parts 50/50 thinned Vallejo Air Black
8) Drybrush green parts Elysian Green
9) Give the whole model an EXTREMELY light drybrush of pure white (edge highlighting)
10) Wash black parts Nuln Oil
11) Wash brown parts Agrax

12) Wash metal 50/50 thinned chainmail
13) Wash metal Agrax
14) Wash metal Nuln Oil

15) Paint flesh Pallid Wych Flesh
16) Wash with 40/40/20 mix of Sepia/Ogryn Flesh/Biel Tan green
17) Paint recesses of skin with Ogryn Flesh wash
18) Drybrush skin extremely light pure white
19) Wash Green parts with a 50/50 mix of Ogryn Flesh/Agrax Earthshade.

20) Using a sponge, dabble on small patches of Agrax and Nuln oil on clothes, etc. to make them look dirty.

21) Glowing eyes painted with Billious Green (Ancient paint pot), highlighted to almost pure white.

Rust: Model Mates Rust Effect (amazing product - made from real rust).

Blood: Tamiya Clear Red, with a small amount of black.

That's about it! :)

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Aaaaand, the cultists are done!

Very small update here; I've finished the last cultists - Yay! Next stop, the fun stuff; finishing the champ and spawn, and getting paint on them. :)

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Still going strong - the cultists are no longer grey plastic.

I've been a very busy little bee this week, and finished off one of the cultist units - Actually, I had to strip them once, since my first colour scheme didn't fit in with the power armour boys, but I'm pretty satisfied with these. Pretty much all washes on a white primer (click the pic for a full scale version):

I took an all nighter last night, and the second unit is almost done, only missing the eyes and some small details, so hopefully some pics of those later this weekend. :)

I'm getting close to actually finishing a project - Hooray!

Next stop; finish the modelling on my Spawn and Champion, and getting some paint on those.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

My, my... GR is actually putting paint on some models. What gives?

Hi guys, GR here again. I was struck by inspiration (or madness) and decided to actually get some paint on the Nurgle Kill Team, and I'm determined to actually finish these - which is usually the bane of my projects, the paint part. I'm terrible undisciplined when it comes to finishing the whole project, paintwise - but not this time!!

After trying out a bunch of greenish/brownish colour schemes, and not being completely happy with the result, I ended up using the colour scheme from my Death Guard army - it looks like they should in the fluff, and I think it's much easier dirtying up white, than trying to make dirty green not look like a blob of filth on the tabletop.

I used a heavily modified version of my army paint scheme, based on a bleached bone basecoat, zenith highlighted white, washed with thinned brown, and going completely apeshit with weathering, rust and grime. I like it so far. :)

I went for a very Blanchitzuish vibe, very grim dark - what do you think?

Monday, 4 August 2014

Back in business - enough of this Warma-nonsense!

I've been messing around with my conversion of Karchev the Terrible, for Warmachine; Khador, but in the proces of painting him, I got REALLY frustrated with the lack of details, the ones that are there are very soft and the cast is just horrible - even though I spent hours cleaning it up. Basically, I got pissed off at a little plastic man. I yelled at him, and put him in a corner in my "To-do section" of my cabinet (basically a dump for unfinished projects), and pondered about life.

Jokes aside - I need a break from this project, to find out what to do, IF I'm going to do it, and in that case, how much compromise to do from a painting perspective. The whole point was to really give my best, and I just don't think the quality of the miniature allows it.
Anyway, enough of this. GW may be expensive, even overpriced, lousy at making rules, but man, can they make a great miniature.

Back to Kill Team!

I'm starting a Kill Team campaign in my local gaming club, Emperors Pride, and being the mad modeller I am (or just an idiot, your call), I couldn't just finish my Inquisitor Warband. I had to start a new one. I decided on my old love, Nurgle Chaos Marines. I couldn't just use models from my (fully painted) Death Guard army either. No, I had to do another truescale project.

So anyway, I went to work, and have churned these out over the past few days. The Plague Marines are the only ones that are completely ready for paint, the other ones need a lot of greenstuffing and detailing, but I wanted to show them off. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a comparison pic, but the Plague Marines (based on GK terminator legs) really tower over a regular space marine, and completely dwarfs a cultist).

Plague Marines:

Terminator champion, with lightning claw and heavy flamer:

Cultist with heavy stubber (I need 4 more with autoguns, and 5 with hand weapons/auto pistols)

Raptor with flamer - actually an old project I found lurking in my bits box. A fresh base, and a few touch ups later:


As always, please leave a comment - I love getting feedback and critique. :)