Sunday, 21 September 2014

Battle report - Kreoss3 vs. Haley2

 After a small meeting about a future journeyman league, I had planned a game against a guy from the local store I haven’t had a game against yet. 

We rolled on steamroller and ended up playing outflank.

My list was a variation of a Kreoss3 list I saw at the Masters this weekend, but I was to lazy to paint the UA for the flameguard so went with a full unit of zealots instead of the UA.

Interessor Kreoss
-Fire of Salvation
Holy Zealots(max)
-Monolith Bearer
Vassal of Menoth
Exemplar Vengers(max)

He is going to a tournament at the start of October so he had a Haley2 and a Siege list ready, and went with the Haley2 list, since I haven’t had the pleasure of playing against her yet.

Major Victoria Haley
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
-Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer
Horgenhold Forge Guard(max)
Stormblade Infantry
-3 Stormblade Infantry Storm Gunner
Anastasia di Bray
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
Journeyman Warcaster
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord

We rolled for a steamroller scenario and ended up playing outflank.

He wins the roll of and chooses to go first, and after deployment it looks like this.

Turn 1
He starts his turn with the journeyman putting arcane shield on the centurion. Haley casts deceleration and advances up behind a tiny fence. The centurion spearheads the army entering the zone on my left, backed up by Thorn and the unit of Stormblades. The Gunmages advances and spreads out in the middle and Rhupert plays “Heroic Call” for the Forgeguard who runs toward the zone on my right with Eiryss on their flank.

After allocating a focus to each of the jacks I activate Kreoss. He puts Holy ward on the Temple flameguards and advances up behind the giant rock. I was planning to put up warpath, but forgot. The entire army runs forward. Zealots leading the left flank backed up by the vengers, Kreoss, Vanquisher and Reckenor in the middle and Temple Flameguards followed by Fire of Salvation on my right.

Turn 2
I missed judge the Centurions threat range, and he allocates the centurion 4 focus.  Gorman walks up into the zone and drops his cloud. Haley then walks up behind the cloud and feats. She then uses telekinesis on the centurion moving it two forward followed by Thorn moving along thanks to his reactive drive. She then casts Temporal Acceleration on the Centurion just to be safe.

The Centurion then charges my Reckoner and takes it out with its last swing.  The gun mages moves up and starts taking some shots at my vanquisher failing to do any damage, but thanks to snipe they manage to take out two choir members. The stormblades moves up and spread out in the zone and the Storm Gunners takes out a couple of zeolots. The Forgeguard his Rhupert playing “March” and advances into the zone hiding in the forrest. Last Anastasia di Bray advances toward Kreoss hiding behind the pillar in the middle of the table.

My turn is pretty much controlled by my opponent since my entire army is in Haley’s control area to some extend. So the vengers go first, simply moving a little to my left. Next up is the Zealots who uses their mini feat, sings about “Warding” them self against spells and moves into the zone to contest. Two of them try to hinder the Centurions movement, basicly forcing my opponent to cast Telekinesis one more.. Next up is the Flameguard gets a shieldwall order and walks into the zone ready to take a punch from the forgeguard, followed by Fire of Salvation. Next is the Vassal how just uses ancillary attack, letting the vanquisher take a shot at one of the dwarfs hoping to take out Anastasia with blast damage, but the forgeguard is engage and the Vanquisher doesn’t get a good deviation with either of its shots. The choir moves a little around and last up is Kreoss. He ends up having to cast “Crevasse” on a gun mage, spraying Anastasia and two forgeguards killing all three. That got a little to close

Turn 3
The Centurion is going to continue its wrecking spree getting 4 focus once more. Haley moves it with telekinesis once again, followed by Gorman moving up and throwing a rust bomb on it. The Centurion then moves over and wrecks the Vanquisher right in front of Kreoss and the Vassal. Eiryss shots a bolt at Fire of salvation and disrupts it, followed by the gunmages taking some shots at the Vengers that all misses and a single shot at a choir member that forces them to take a command test which they fail. The Forgeguards advance and tries to take out some temple flameguard, but they don’t get much job done.

I’m loosing heavies to fast, and since fire of Salvation is disruptet I can’t really expect it to do any work this turn. But I see and chance for assassination do to his model placement. Kreoss moves up close to the centurion and gets range to the Stormblade in front of Haley, which I “Force Hammer” through her knocking her down and doing a little damage, besides killing the Stormblade. No I only have to clear room for the zealots to move in and throw some bombs. First the Vassal takes out a stormblade with “Arcane bolt” followed by a single venger charging a Gunmage but failing to hit. And now there is only the zealots left. I have to take some free strikes, so I start with a guy far behind. A gunmage’s free strike kills him, triggering “Holy Monolith” making 3 others move past the gunmages into bombing range without being killed. 3 bombs later and Haley is dead.

I'm updating my gallery today, so take a look if you want to see some of the stuff I did for the masters.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Danish Masters over and done with

So the Danish Masters is over. I won a single game, which was my goal and I ended up at the 15th place out of 17 players. So not a big deal, planning to get more practice games in before the next tournament.

But I got a couple of games in extra. Spiced up my High reclaimer list with some Vengers, and I think it was much better, so I’m gonna try that for a while. The extra threat range is great, and they also make great feat targets.

Besides that game I got my first hardcore game. I really liked the format since I read about it the first time, but people around here aren’t that turned on about it. So after a game of High Command I talked a friend into trying it and we ended up Kreoss3 against Sturgis1. Choose to bring as few models as possible.

Kreoss3 - tier 4
-Fire of Salvation

The list worked fine. I was in the zone fast and started dominating my why to victory, even though a couple of my turns ended prematurely. Looking forward to playing the format again.

I’m thinking about going to Iron Moot this November, so let the practice begin ;)


Saturday, 13 September 2014

The road to the Danish Masters and no pictures

So I signed up for the Danish Masters, and the tournament is starting in a couple of hours. It's not a big deal, since we are only around 20 players, and I haven't really found the time to play that much lately.

Since I have mainly played Feora1 lately, she has become my main list, support by a kreoss3 tier list and a high reclaimer list with a lot of bastions.

Revelations of the Creator - Tier 4
Intercessor Kreoss
-Fire of Salvation
High Exemplar Gravus
Vassal of Menoth
Choir of Menoth(max)
Exemplar Vengers(max)
Exemplar Errants(max)
-Exemplar Errant Officer & Standard

I just gotten Kreoss3 last week, and I haven't played a single game with him. I went with the tier list since I was planning to bring FoS and vengers, getting +1 for the starting roll and a cheaper guardian for some forcehammer shenanigans. I'm looking forward to trying this list out.

HR bastion brick
The High Reclaimer
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
Gastone Crosse
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor
Exemplar Bastion Seneshal
Saxon Orrik
Kell Bailoch
Exemplar Bastions(max)
Exemplar Bastions(max)
Idrian Skirmishers(max)
-Idrian Skirmishers Chieftain & Guide
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt

I gotten tired of getting shot by cygnar, so I looked into some swan hating, ending up with the high reclaimer, who has become quite popular lately.
A lot of merc solos shotting a lot combined with the idrians in clouds hopefully letting the bastions getting into action.

Feora1 main list
Feora, Priestess of the Flame
Exenplar Bastion Seneshal
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
Vassal of Menoth
The Covenant of Menoth
Tristan Durant
Choir of Menoth(max)
Daughters of the Flame
Exemplar Bastions(max)
Flameguard Cleansers(min)

My main list, doing well against most warmachine factions and a great counter for legion assasination. The list can handle both high ARM and high DEF, combined with some great scenario moduls - Tristans fortifyed Reckoner and vigilant+daughters.

I have been painting like a mad man the last couple of days, and got done last night. Since last weekend I have finished Kreoss3, Gravus, Eiryss2, Gastone, Orin Midwinter, full unit idrians with UA, full unit bastions, Bastion Seneschal and Visgoth Rhoven and honorguard, the last ones not even getting into any of the lists. The last thing finished was Fire of Salvation which I also finally got around to get done converting.

I haven't gotten around to taking any pictures, but I'm hoping to get some this weekend and also some stuff for some battle reports.


Friday, 5 September 2014

Battle report - Harby vs. pGrissel

I got a game in a couple of days ago, and I had decided to go back to the Harbinger and try out my battle engine with her. I ended up against a new oppenont who hasn’t played more than 10 games, and none of them were against the Protectorate of Menoth, so I had quite an advantage since I have read a lot about trolls lately. The pictures a from the ipad so they aren’t that great, but the give an idea of whats happening on the table

I request a 50 point game, since I wanted to try out my list, but if I had knew that he was that new I would properly have gone with 35 or less basically to make it more manageable to him.

First of, here is the lists

The Trollbloods list
Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller (pGrissel)
-Storm troll
-Troll Bouncher
-Pyre troll
Long Riders(min)
Horthol, Long rider champion
Fell caller hero
Kriel Warriors(Full)
-Standard and piper
-3 Caber throwers
Krielstone bearer and stone scribes(full)
-Krielstone stone scribe elder                                                              
-Skaldi Bonehammer

The big kriel warrior unit was new to him, and I quickly thought it would be hard to move without jamming himself up.

My Menoth list
The Harbinger of Menoth(Harby)
Tristan Durant
Choir of Menoth(min)
Vassal of Menoth
Covenant of Menoth
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
Exemplar Errants
-Exemplar officer and standard
Visgoth Rhoven & honor guard
Vessel of Judgement
Vassal Mechanik

We rolled for a standard steamroller scenario ending up playing Incursion with me winning the roll of deciding to go first. I predeployed the Vessel and went on with me regular deployment. After I advanced deployed my Errants the table looked like this

When the game started we agreed on the fact that I had deployed strongly on my right, and me hoping for the left flag to disappear.

First round
I start with allocating one focus to each of the reckenors, one from the Harbinger and one from Tristan. Tristans Reckenor ran up next to the small pillar followed by Tristan moving and putting up fortify.

Next up I gave the Errants a run order and spread them out in front of my entire army, putting the first couple of models within contesting range of the middle flag.
Harbingers Reckenor moves up on the middle of the table followed by the Vessel on its left and Harbinger right behind it. Rhupert plays Heroic call for the Errants and the rest of the army slowly advances up behind the errants.

My oppenont starts with Grissel putting Hoof it on Horthol and dumping some fury on the Krielstone. After that she advances up next to the house. Horthol then advances up on the left close to the flag. Skaldi and the champions runs up next to Grissel standing in to pairs, but unfortunately leaving to little room between them for the a medium base to get through jamming the warriors up forcing them to move around. The long riders advanced on my right getting close to the right flag followed by the fell caller close by next to the  railed pyre troll. The storm troll having been left out of Grissels control area having to slowly advance, trying to get keep up with the rest of the army. The bouncher advanced up next to Grissel and put bump on her simply to make some fury. Last is the stones advancing and putting up the aura with the addition of Combat warding. Horthol then Hoofs it up in front of the flag,

We roll of to see which flag disappears and I’m luck and the one on my left, next to Horthol disappears.

Round 2
Tristan throws 3 focus on his Reckenor and the Harbinger put 2 on hers. First off a couple of the errants advance to make room while the rest aims and start shooting a couple of Kriel warriors, taking down around 4 which is a start at the 15-man unit. Harbingers Reckenor moves up an takes a fully boosted shot at Skaldi leaving him with two boxes left, followed up by my Vessel of Judgement finding the Champion in B2B with Skaldi wanting, and thanks to a boosted admonisher damage roll Skaldi goes home too. The harbinger advances up behind the reckenor and unleashes her feat Godhead and casts crusaders call for some extra charge range. Tristans Reckenor goes right for the long riders shooting one down on the assault and wanking the other in the head a couple of times until it stops being tough. The piper and the book makes the errants tought and most of them immune to knockdown and everything advances up enyoing the fact that most of the trolls can affort to get closer to them and the harbinger.

My oppenont is quite intimidated by my feat, moving mostly sideways only advancing forward with his single long riders, which doesn’t take a single point of damage thanks to Fortify. Horthol advances further down the flank ending next to my notes on my left

He is quite worried for Grissel, and chooses for hear to round down behind the stone unit leaving the bouncher who has just runned outside Grissel control area. The most important thing is the fact that when he activates the Krielstone unit, he forgets to put up the aura. I offer he can do it anyway, but he wants to learn from his mistakes. A noble choice.

Round 3
My feat worked perfectly giving me a big advantage scenario wise, so I decided to go for 2 control points this turn. Harbinger gives her reckenor the classical 2 focus for some shooting and Tristan gives his the 3 he has left after upkeeping Fortify.

Harbinger starts with casting Crusader’s Call, since I’m planning a lot of charges this turn. Visgoth Rhoven gives a charge order and runs up into base contact with the flag on my right and Guis an Cassian charging the last long rider taking it down and controlling the flag. Tristan’s Reckenor then launches a charge on the storm troll taking it down even though I forgot to activate the choir first(I should stop making this mistake!).

This if followed up by the errants charging the fell caller hero, one of the last champions and some of the remaining Kriel Warriors. They manage to take down one of the kriel warriors contesting the center flag and forcing the fell caller into taking a tough check leaving him knockdown.

Harbingers Reckenor moves into base contact with the centerflag claiming it and shooting the pyre troll for 10 points of damage. My vessel shoots the unengaged champion leaving only a single champion alive. So right as I planned.

His 3ed turn starts with his Bouncher has to take a threshold check do to being out of Grissels control area. It goes frenzy and takes out a kriel warrior.  

The pyre troll moves up and takes a shot at one of the errants, but is out of range and the blast deviates out into nothingness. The champions and the kriel warriors starts to beat up some errants, a few goes home and a few make their tough checks.

Horthol moves into bull charging position behind my army. He is hoping to put some threat on the Harbinger.

The reckenor, who took out the storm troll, is starting to look real threatning to Grissel so she moves up placing a couple of kriel warriors and the krielstone bearer unit between her and the Reckenor. She also chooses to use her feat “Fell chorus”. The army doesn’t really get to make any extra attacks since most of them has already activated, but they get to make a move at the end of the turn. Which leads to the kriel warriors finally getting to do some jamming, the Fell Caller Hero moves over and get to contest the flag on my left and the pyre troll gets to engage Gorman.

Round 4
I’m hoping to get Harbingers reckenor out of close combat and giving it a chance at doing some shooting, so I only gives it 2 focus. Tristan is planning to do some stabbing at the fell caller hero so he keeps a single focus for himself and gives 2 to his reckenor.

The Errants is jammed up by both the champions and the kriel warriors and starts to go around trying to get some quick work shots in, and also trying to clear out the reckenor for some shooting, but there are to many of them and to soft stabs to get through their armor.

Horthol is starting to look dangerously close to the Harbinger and I get uncertain if she is able to take him out herself so the Vessel of Judgement has to help her instead of shooting at the kriels engaging the Reckenor. It takes the first 8 boxes of him followed by the harbinger moving up and unleashing a cheap Cataclysme followed by some stabbing from with Providence, which sends Horthol to his grave.

Since the battle engine didn’t take out the warriors enganging the Reckenor it starts swining at them it self sending only two of them to their graves. The other reckenor assaults into the scribes and manages to take out 3 of them thanks to the assault shot and a couple of swings with it stick.

Gorman doesn’t like the fact that he is engaged by the pyre troll, and takes the chance on a free strike, but the pyre troll doesn’t land a hit. Gorman turns around and black oils the poor pyre troll. Rhupert takes out his sword and charges a kriel warrior, taking it out which leaves room for the vassal to get within range of the reckenor how takes out another kriel warrior engaging it

Tristan tries to take out the fell caller jamming up the flag on my left, but fails even with an extra attack from the focus point he kept. Cassian charges the caber thrower who survived the Errants sword and Guis and Rhoven gets ready to take out the fell caller hero. The Caber thrower makes its though check, but Rhoven manages to take out the Fell Caller so the flag is no longer contested. Two more control points to go and victory will be mine. And now for his turn.

The pyre troll moved out of Grissel’s Control area and with black oil in its eyes it frenzies and Gorman, but does not manage to land a hit on the alchemist.

He tries to deal some damage to Tristan’s Reckenor so Grissel casts calamity on it. The Scribes starts swinging their axes at it, but they doesn’t even manage to scratch the paint. But one of them manages to bring down a single errant, which the last champion does too.

He doesn’t get the flag on my right contest which means another control point for me, making the my victory assured

Round 5
Nothing has to be done, I earn my 5 control point thanks to Tristan.

My oppenont and I talk a little about the game afterwards and I suggest him trying some list with fewer models and fewer points, simply because he ended up jamming himself up a lot. I hope to play against him again soon, properly fewer points.

So that is all for know, but a little spoiler of what I worked on today instead of finishing my second unit of Exemplar Bastions


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Orc Allstars - A blood bowl team

2.0 here... It has been a loooong time.

I had a long vacation, and for the most part, my hobby drive was non-existing.
For the last month or so, I have been working on getting a fully painted space marine army, but more on that another day.

For now I want to talk about something fun! BLOOD BOWL.

This is the beginning of my Orc Allstar team which is going to represent some of the NFL teams, and I can tell you - it is pure fun to paint all these colourful uniforms and logos. The freehand is especially rewarding and it is what's keeping me going.

Each piece takes about an hour to paint, and I would like to share my technique with you all.
Let's look at the dolphins logo.

This logo can seem quite complicated (especially when you think about how small the shoulderpad actually is), but the key to any sucessful freehand is to divide the work into smaller pieces.

On this one for example, I started with the orange sun in the background. It can basically be described as a circle with a bunch of triangles attached to it. A nice trick is to look at almost everything as basic geometrical shapes - that way you won't get stuck trying to outline a something extremely complicated. First we have the circle.
Then we add some triangles.
Here's when it gets a bit trickier. See the dolphin itself is too freeflowing to divide into basic shapes, but looking at a picture of the logo, you can still spot some pretty simple shapes, that would be some good starting points. I chose this one.
I thin my paints down to something like 2:1 water to paint. This is especially important when you start stacking layers upon layers as you don't want the piece to be in 3D. It is also good to thin your paints down because of the fine detail brushes. They will dry up very quickly even with this water-heavy mix.

Next step is to fill in the first shape and add the next like this.
You don't have to be to be all too neat with the paint as long as you use several thin layers. Mistakes can be corrected later on if they stand out.

From here on you can just add on more shapes and colour them up.
Now that all the basics are done, it isn't too hard to add in the detail work. It is a big help to know that you can always tidy up or start over with the background colour. Just remember to keep the paint watered down and it's smooth sailing from here.

This is pretty much done, but I didn't think it popped quite enough, so I finished it off by highlighting the sun with some brighter orange, outlining it, and filling it with white. I think it makes a huge difference.
And that's about it. This isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination, but it is something everyone could do with some practice.

Well that was a long post. Hope you enjoyed it as much as me ;)