Wednesday, 24 April 2019

WIP Wednesday.

Yup, WIP Wednesday. Apparently, it's a thing. At least it is now. Since I have a WIP and it's wednesday.

This guy (the Maggoth Beast, that is) is OLD. I'm not sure if I made it back when the Maggoths first came out, during the end times in 2014, or if he's a little younger, perhaps when I started messing with AoS at first, shortly after it's release.

Anyway, I kinda like the Maggoths at first, but they suffer from a bit of the same malady as the Mutalith - it has a tendency to look a little flat from certain angles. I wanted to make it wilder and more chaosy, and since it came with two extra arms, and extra heads, I thought "why not?" and decided to make this crazy beast. And then, it sat in my cabinet of stranded projects for some years. Until now.

The rider, I made yesterday. I wanted him to be less fighter-y and more sorcerer-y, and I think he conveys a quiet malediction, that somehow gives a cool contrast to the wild beast.

I'm not sure what he's going to be played as; perhaps a Verminlord corruptor? (Tongue = tail attacks, lots of melee attacks = four arms, wizard = the rider on top), or maybe even a Mutalith vortex beast - I don't know yet, but suggestions are welcomed. I just think it's a cool model and it needs to get on the tabletop.

(PS: The real Maggoth lord warscrolls are pretty boring to me, so I'd rather not use those).

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Progress in the garden...

A bit of progress on the Nurgle guys - after having played practically every game with a Harbinger of Decay as a general, I wanted to try something different, so I've put together a Lord of Afflictions, which I think came out pretty cool:

I think the standard one is very bland, while this one is quite a bit more menacing.

Also, a bit of colour on the tree - much more to come, but hey, it's something. Also, I'm working on Gnarlmaw #2, which is more of less scratchbuilt.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

A small break from the little blue buggers.

Yep, I needed a break from the little blue guys. The squigs are mostly done (needing a final highlight on the teeth and gums), and then it's on to the riders. And the rest of the of the army. ;)

Before that, though, I took a small detour and made some reinforcements for my Nurgle army. I've only used a Harbinger of Decay as a general, and for some reason I haven't considered the Great Unclean One as a general. After looking at his warscroll, he seems really cool and brings a whole new thing to the army (one of the things I really like about AoS is the way a general can change an armys synergy), so I decided to try him out.

Last january, the new plastic GUO arrived. A buddy had given me a recast version of the FW GUO some time ago, and while I really like the quiet menacing look he has, I like the new dynamic pose of the plastic GUO even more, so I got one, and started to go to town.

I gave him the classic iconic sword and flail (mostly because it looks cool), but while building him, I was wondering where to put the dark green I use for the armour of my Nurgle army, so I got the idea to make him a gladiator style shoulder pad. It'l obviously get scratched, dinged and rotted up later, but the basic idea is there. Also, for some reason I felt compelled to have a tree with bells growing out of his left shoulder - I'll try to come up with some fluff to explain it. Please note the adorable nurgling posing on the branch. :D

The other addition to my army is a Gnarlmaw. While it has some pretty cool rules, the real bonus, I think, is the way it gives extra contagion points. So I needed one.
However, I wasn't really a fan of the model as is. The branches seemed to weedy to my, and I felt GW missed a chance to make a REALLY creepy tree.
I started experimenting with some spare wyldwood trees, and once it got glued together and greenstuffed, I like it much better than the standard. I'm still deciding whether or not it needs the bells.

Lastly, I need to get my Pestigors (counts as plaguebearers) based and painted.

Small update - I got some more work done on his shoulder pad. I've tried to explain how I do it on the picture:

Here you can see how it looks more like a piece of the miniature now, rather than just tacked on. Still needs the leather strap done, though.