Wednesday 18 July 2018

Long time, no blogging...

Yup, usual excuses - band's been busy, being a houseowner, work, wife, etc - and most of all, just not being inspired. Anyway, GW's doing a Kill Team - and while the teams look very bland to me at the moment, that's not stopping me from doing a cool project I've been wanting to do for a few years - Ork Pirates! I know that they sort of divide people, some people think they're stupid, some think they're awesome - IMO, if any race should have pirates, it must be orks. Without further ado, very much WIP, I bring you...

Kaptin Jakk SparrOrk and his Freebootaz!

Kaptin Jakk SparrOrk, Gibbz and Hectork:

Da Cannoneers:

Da Powdermonkeys:

Ol' Clanka:

Not shown yet is a Stormboy conversion. More to come soon, hopefully. :)

Wednesday 31 January 2018


Been working a bit more on the rat warband - it's starting to come together. I think I've solved the issue about the Warlocks claw - I really wanted him to have a mechanical claw, but the first iteration was to orky and big. This is cobbled together from some Dark elf spiky things, and a Kataphron servitor claw. He also got an extra mechanical arm with the warploque pistol, just because:

I also made the second rat ogre for the warband - just a IoB rat ogre, with an extra arm added and another head - and a bit of a repose. I really like those rat ogres, but I wanted to tweak it a bit. I'm also contemplating giving him a warpfire gun and a mechanical claw on the lower left arm, but I'm a bit stumped about what to use for the warpfire gun.

And a group shot, also including my gutter runner with a little gas mask:

Sunday 28 January 2018

More scenery

Hi guys - nothing too crazy, just wanted to show that my skirmish terrain collection is slowly but steadily growing - I got the Ruins of Osgiliath multipack, which is actually a pretty good value, and you can do some really cool stuff with it, if you cut it up a bit - I'm really liking the ruins, which I hope will be fun to play on.

Next week, Skullvane Manse is up for preorder - yay!

Monday 15 January 2018

What's this then... Scenery?

I hope you've all had a happy new years eve, and gotten a good start on 2018. :)

I've been really busy on the wargaming front, but there's little to no progress on the warbands though - for the past two weeks I've been mainly focused on developing and playtesting the AoS skirmish rules I'm working on ( - please check them out) and getting a wargaming table and terrain done for the man cave at Casa De GuitaRasmus. 

I've always really liked the Warhammer terrain GW made about 5-6 years ago, but at that time I was only messing with 40k, so I didn't buy any. Fast forward to Age of Sigmar, where GW, for reasons unknown, decided to stop producing some of their coolest stuff - and the prices on ebay are atrocious. 

Still, I've managed to get my dirty mittens on some different stuff on various used warhammer stuff channels, facebook groups, etc. for reasonable money, and I've gotten my hands dirty (literally - there's SO much paint on these houses, compared to miniatures) stripping them of paint. 

I've got a watchtower and another chapel still in the stripper, but I'm working towards getting some cool stuff: 

The Temple of Skulls is from an old project, an Armies on Parade board for my Khorne Berzerker army that never got done, and it had been saved apart, so I had to painstakingly glue it back together, and sculpt a lot of seams - good times. 

This is an experiment, I wanted to do a mansion of sorts, but a bit more elaborate than just the fortified manor - so I took another chapel, chucked it on top of a watchtower base, and made the little sentry house a part of the house. I kinda like it, it seems fittingly ramshackle. I still need to make some stairs for the door on the top house, and some kind of walkway around the top house. 

I also really wanted a Skullvane Manse (and a Dreadstone blight as well), but the used kit prices are absolutely insane - 300-350 pounds on ebay - so I had sort of given up on them. Imagine me squeeing with joy, when I saw the Malign Portents video, featuring the Skullvane Manse and the Dreadstone Blight - they're coming back!! I'm definitely getting both. 

*Warning - bitter old painter's rant incoming*

On a side note, it really bugs me when people act like scalpers - for example trying to sell a used Skullvane Manse at grossly inflated prices on ebay. Sure, I get the whole supply and demand thing, but seriously - you are just holding plastic hostage.

You are the war-games equivalent of the guys who fill their spare rooms with Dinky Toys still preserved in their antique packaging. The people that care are an ever decreasing circle of like minded hoarders who all dream of turning up on Antiques Roadshow with a blister or box that will pay for your dream retirement village.But thats not going to happen. Because GW is re-releasing the kits and you are left with a pipe dream of a wallet full of scalpers money.

There - that was good to get off my chest. ;) 

This weekend I put my shop teacher skills to work, and started work on my foldable 5x4' table - the base is done, and it folds neatly in half, though I still need to figure out what to do for legs. I'm also considering making it a 4x3' instead, for size reasons, and because skirmish/kill team battles seem very doable on 3x3'. 

Why the extra feet in width then? It dawned on me that it would be a necessity to have somewhere to put ones warscrolls, dice, slain miniatures etc.