Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Long time, no blogging...

Yup, usual excuses - band's been busy, being a houseowner, work, wife, etc - and most of all, just not being inspired. Anyway, GW's doing a Kill Team - and while the teams look very bland to me at the moment, that's not stopping me from doing a cool project I've been wanting to do for a few years - Ork Pirates! I know that they sort of divide people, some people think they're stupid, some think they're awesome - IMO, if any race should have pirates, it must be orks. Without further ado, very much WIP, I bring you...

Kaptin Jakk SparrOrk and his Freebootaz!

Kaptin Jakk SparrOrk, Gibbz and Hectork:

Da Cannoneers:

Da Powdermonkeys:

Ol' Clanka:

Not shown yet is a Stormboy conversion. More to come soon, hopefully. :)


  1. Yes! Warboss Kurgan's AoS Skirmish campaign with his Orruk pirates just wrapped up, but I still have a source for my Orkoid pirate fix! :D Those are looking great so far!

  2. Ork pirates make perfect in universe sense. There's a whole spectrum of piracy from Somali hijackers, Ironborn raiders to comedic lazytown buccaneers to plumb. The hats and such make sense because they ape the Imperial navy and Rogue Traders- who are salty sea dogs in space.

    Really nice execution here. I love how individual every model is. The dread looks like a character, which is a huge accomplishment.

  3. Great to hear from you Guita, the ladz look grand. Pity KT isn't offering you much to hang this crew on, but here's to smashing the modeling despite the rules.

  4. Love the pirate theme, if I ever tackled Orks they would be Freebooters like these.
    Have fun with them, they look amazing!

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  6. Do you guys do commissions or sell any of your painted figs?