Sunday, 18 December 2016

Daemon Prince WIP and more Pestigors.

I've managed to put in some more hobby time this week, and some nice guys from my gaming club donated some skulls for my Pestigors, which means I've managed to get all ten built - now I just need some greenstuffing, then they're ready for paint.

I've also started work on my Daemon Prince for my Rotbringers warband - obviously still needs lots of work, but here he is so far: 

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Small update - Beastmen/Plaguebearers hybrid

Tonight 2.0 and I had some hobby time together, and while he painted on his undead horde for AoS, I began kit bashing a bit - I had some plague bearers lying around from a Nurgle Starter box for AoS, but I'm not to fond of the heads - so I had an idea to make som Pestigor-like Plaguebearers.

It's an extremely simple conversion, with only minor reposing, and a head swap, and I need to make 5 more (the leader is the Nurgle herald), but I kinda like where they're going.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Progress on the Soul Grinder - and trolls! Lots of trolls! (Or at least 3...)

I've managed to put in a bit of hobby time, although it is a little sparse these days - The missus and I have bought ourselves a house (dedicated hobby-room - Score!) so our time lately is mostly spent on calculating mortgages, looking at furniture and wondering how many packing crates we need for our crap.

Anyway, I'm almost done with the Soul Grinder - here it is in all it's greenstuffed glory: 

And the Trolls - they are based on river trolls, with the heads from the Nagash Lieutenants (which took a while to get hold of) - quite pleased with them, as they seem a lot more chaotic than the standard trolls: 

Monday, 24 October 2016

Forever the hobby-butterfly...

... Although this time it has a cause - of sorts.

My Khador project got stopped in its tracks. I had meticulously airbrushed all 11 jacks, painted all the metals, airbrushed them with varnish, and when I tried the oil wash, as I had used on the last 3 I'd done, it didn't look anything like them - more brown, dirty and just... Not good. Until I figure out how to do them, they'll be sitting on the shelf for a bit.

Anyway... Cue Age of Sigmar. At least I know exactly how to paint these guys, having written every process down.

I painted 10 blight kings, a mounted lord, and a gurgle giant about a year ago, but things have been a bit quiet regarding this little Nurgle project. Now's the time to get to work again.

In a flurry of inspiration, I've been painting 3 Plague Drones (the plague bearer carrying flies - sorry, not done yet, pics to come), and I've been inspired to do some conversions for the army; a beast of gurgle, a soul grinder (I DO love me some big monsters), a Maggoth Lord based great unclean one, and a skull cannon of khorne, made nurgly.

Here are some WIP shots - I've done a lot to them in the past week (fall vacation here in Denmark), so expect more soon.

The beast of gurgle:

The Skull Cannon of Kh... I mean Nurgle: 

Soul grinder - just a basic mockup: 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Motherland awakens! (... And so does the blog...)

Hi guys - I know, I know, it's been a loooong time. Something close to ten months to be exact.

Lots of things has happened - I've gotten involved with a nice young lady, and these females tend to chip away at the hobby time - I know, not cool. ;) Not that she has anything against the hobby - to my surprise, she's probably the first person I've met that has never heard of this hobby - she was genuinely surprised when she found out this is a thing that some people does.

Also, my band has been really busy, with lots of gigs, which is really cool, but again, it doesn't leave much space for the hobby.

Lastly, I've become tired of 40k. Not the universe, which I love, but the endless supply of data slates, broken codexes, and oceans of decurions, or whatever they're called. They've completely ruined the game to me, and I haven't played a game of 40k for over a year. I've become more and more interested in smaller skirmish battles, especially Age of Sigmar, Warmachine and Malifaux (I've also just bought a Malifaux starter crew (Pandora), hopefully more of that soon).

Anyway, for the past month (also known as summer vacation as a teacher) has given me some hobby time, and I've managed to pick up quite a few of the new wonderful AoS Sylvaneth models, and put them together - they are in the process of being painted, but then lightning struck - I became aware of the new Warmachine MKIII. Some of you may remember that I've quit the game, partly due to the lack of quality with the miniatures, but mostly due to Warjacks being somewhat of a burden in a Khador list - the game is called WARMACHINE, dangit!? There should be tons of Warjacks in the army, bashing other Warjacks to bits.

Well, it seems like Privateer Press has paid attention to me (or just wanted to sell some jacks), because Jacks has become much more viable in MkIII - actually, Khador jacks are some of the best in the game! I've only played a few games so far, but it has been a much more enjoyable experience than  mkII, and it inspired me to pick up some of the new cool REAL plastic (not that PVC nonsense) kits (Grolar and Berserker) and make a new Grolar, a new Karchew and finish my Behemoth conversion.

Without further ado, here is the pics:

Again I apologize for the long overdue update - and I can't promise that I'll be super active either, since real life tends to overrule my hobby time recently - I will, however, try to update at least once a month. I've just started putting paint on them tonight, and hopefully I'll have them finished by the end of the month.