Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Sigh... Warmachine/Hordes round 2.

Hi guys, GR here.

As some of you may remember I got angry with the Khador Karchev conversion I'd been working on - mostly because I didn't feel the details were good enough. I've decided to give the models another chance. That goes for the game as well - man, it's difficult to keep track of all the synergy, spells, buffs, feats and focus, coming from ages of playing 40k. Phew...

Anyway, here goes - first is my Beast 09 conversion - It was a challenge to convert him into a running pose, but I think I pulled it off. He also need an axe that actually looks like it has reach.

I've also magnetized his right hand, so I can play him as a Juggernaut, or even Kodiak:

I'm also in the process of making a decimator - however, after playing a few games with these (VERY impressed by Beast 09), the decimator seems kind of... Meh. I'm considering building a Grolar, after reading a bit about him - any thoughts? 

Oh, dear - I've also liked the way Trollbloods look for a long time, so I bought a Mauler troll, which I'm in the process of converting into a bit more dynamic pose - the pic doesn't really show it, but he's sort of in a mid jump pose. Better pics later, my camera ran out of battery.

Johan is starting a Journeyman League in our local gaming club, and I'm debating whether I should use trolls alternative starter (Hoarluk, Pyre troll, Storm Troll, Mauler) or Khador alternative (Butcher, Kodiak, Decimator)

Sunday, 5 October 2014

WTC and National journeyman league, but mostly cryx

So lately I have been working on two things - a journeyman league and a color scheme for my cryx. They are cornected through the fact that I want to do cryx in the league.

This post will just be about my test model
I first tried working in a lot of white and greys for the armor plates, but the amont of pale flesh and bone simply made it too boring for my taste. So I owe a friend to do a yellow army since I got him to do both a pale yellow cygnar army and a bright orange rhulic force. So I ended up with this guy. The skin and the armour plates are done with airbursh followed up with some oil paint washes. Haven't worked with this in a while so it took some work getting use to. My plan is to do some rust on the metal and some green glow on the go and on the skull. I will get back to you when more work has been done.

The world team champion ship was this weekend so I plan to take a look at results of the different danish teams and interestings lists but that will be in the week to come. I will also do a post about this national journeyman league I'm working on getting of the ground.

/Johan B.