Meet the suspects

(Yes, we know we look ridicoulous. We toy with little plastic men - there is little point in trying to impress the girls with how good we look in these pics, is there?)

Andreas 2.0 is without question “mr. Clean-paintjob” of the blog. He paints a bit slowly, albeit to a very high standard – his Ultramarines project left all who saw the freehand flabbergasted on the crispness. At the moment he is working on his Death AoS army, a Genestealer cult army and a bunch of beautifully painted Malifaux minis. 

He is a hardcore GW fanboy, and refuses to admit that a new release looks like poo, no matter how crappy it is. Once, he has even poured Vallejo black paint into an empty GW paint pot, because Abaddon Black is horrible at covering, but didn’t want it to look out of place among the other paint pots. True story.

Doesn’t play much, but is a very decent gamer, once he gets around to it.  


GuitaRasmus is the mad scientist of the blog, leaving a trail of cut up sprues and miniatures in his wake. He loves to convert models, mainly Chaos – he has built no less than 3 different Chaos armies (Khorne; Nurgle and Iron Warriors), much to Johans disbelief; “But the Codex sucks!”

He’s the laziest painter of the blog, and has to bullied into putting paint on his conversions by the Andreas – he much prefers to grab his trusty exacto knife and clippers and tear into a new kit from GW, while snickering manically.

Not a very good gamer, but what he lacks in skills, he makes up for in enthusiasm - Growling “Bow before my Daemon Engines!” etc, during a game.

We've met in our local (Copenhagen) based wargaming club, called “Emperor’s Pride”. We pride ourselves with having some of the best painted armies, terrain and playing boards in the country, and number about a 100 people. We primarily paint and model 40k and AoS miniatures, although we've have on occasion flirted with Malifaux and WarmaHordes. 

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  1. Most of your image links are broken. Also, could you guys post your kit bash recipes?