Wednesday 17 June 2015

Dark Angels successor chapter [WIP]

So I love power armor... I mean - I LOOOVE power armor! I just sold my old space marine army, and now I want to do a new one. It might seem crazy, but to me the whole idea of building and painting an army with power is alot more pleasing than actually owning a complete army. Because of this I have decided to start a new project. It might get somewhere, and it might not. That probably depends on the age of sigmar. But until age of sigmar hits the shelves, we wont know for sure if it's worth getting into. So for now this is what I'm going to be painting -

Lo and behold the marine-man-thing

I have been wanting to do this colourscheme for a long time, but it felt a bit redundant to do a second space marine army as long as the old one was still on the shelf.

I will of course be doing freehand on these guys, and as you can see the chapter icon is heavly dark angels inspired

And the tactical symbol is also painted on

Now I just need some flock and tufts on the base, and it's done.

Hope you like it as much as I do - Andreas 2.0