Thursday, 16 March 2017

A billion links on the internet cried out in terror - and it was done.

Grr... Dropbox actually did it. They disabled every public link ever made on dropbox. Which is why most of the images on this blog is now little squares with x's in them. I can't believe they actually did it. 6-7 years worth of links - destroyed. It would take hundreds of hours to hunt down every single link on every forum and website I've posted on. I don't know what to do about it, so for the moment it will have to stay as is. I will try to find a solution, and in the meantime, let me give you this advice: Stay the hell away from Dropbox.


  1. Shit that sucks! I didn't hear that they were going to do that. I hope you find a way to repost them

  2. That really is shit! I follows your stuff from the forum days, and would have loved to go back and see all your stuff again. Hope you can sort it somehow

  3. I've had my core website pummeled by DDoS and a wordpress hack over the years and that was rough rebuilding and relinking - but this? This is utterly moronic from a brand management perspective (one of my hats) I mean, just why!? The sheer backlash is not worth the perception value loss. Classic money grabbing move that no amount of "We're here for you" lip service can ever recover from. I feel your pain man! I am shocked for you and astoudned that a twit in DB figured this was a solid idea.