Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Let's take this up a notch.

After having almost completed the squigs in the planned colour scheme (at least the blue colour), I realised that I just wasn't happy with it. What looked pretty good on the smaller scale squig herd, looked a bit chalky and well, drybrushed on the larger squigs. So, realising that I wouldn't be happy with them, I decided to grab my brushes, colours, glaze medium and layer them all.

Unfortunately I've been held back by a nasty cold for the last 3 days, but before that I managed to get 12 of the critters to this stage, so it's doable - sure, it takes a bit longer, but this looks much much better, and is something I'm proud of showing people, rather than "well, it's a pretty nice result for how fast it is, right?".


  1. Certainly looks great from here!

  2. I mean, the drybrushed ones looked pretty sweet to me as well, but props on sticking to your standards and going big on the little guys. The hopper hear is certainly looking the business!