Friday 18 October 2019

More scenery

I've gotten my mittens on some more of the old WHFB scenery, and they are indeed beautiful kits. However, I've gotten quite a few of the old Chapels (bought as fortified manors - hence the watchtowers I've also got), and I thought it would be boring to just have duplicate manors or chapels - so I've bashed them together to make a fortress of some sort. I've used more pet shop cork bark for the cliffs and rocks, and used some walls to make the walkway and the walls for the tower. I think it works pretty well, although it obviously needs quite a bit of detailing:

I've used a piece of the Garden of Morr as an outhang for one of the buildings - I obviously need to something with it. Also some supports for the other outhangs too.

I'll lay some wood planks on the walkway and the tower floor:

I've also managed to grab a completely mint (still foil on the box) Dreadstone Blight, one of my favourite pieces, and promptly got it assembled (still needs the top floor). I doubt I'll do any converting to this one - I really like it as is - although it will get a nice base: