Wednesday 20 March 2024

Word Bearers, an imperial city and a strong desire to destroy some enemies

Oh dear, once again I've been neglecting the blog. I haven't been idle, though - actually I've been quite productive.

Like I mentioned just before Christmas, I've been working hard on my Word Bearers Kill Team. I managed to finish them in time for our Chill Team Get-together weekend with DigitAllan and a couple of other friends (more on that later).
“Faith, hate, vengeance and truth; these are our tenets. Embrace them.”
I finally got them done… I’ve been painting for almost every single night since late december when I started putting paint on them, at least for 2-3 hours each night, which racks up to about 80 hours spent on these guys. 

That’s probably the most I’ve ever spent on any miniatures. I’m sure it could be done better, smarter, faster by a better painter than me, but I really wanted to do my best on these guys (at least without venturing into competition painting territory - the last 20 or so hours of these has felt like such a slog, so I guess spending 200+ hours on a single model just isn’t for me. ). The flames took FOREVER. I don’t know why, but highlighting in “reverse” is much more difficult for me, and seems to require much more precise blending.
Anyway - I wanted to do my best, and try to get a very good standard of painting, without going into showcase standard - I just don't think I have the patience for that. 
I think I've accomplished that - at least in my own opinion. Without further ado, here are my Word Bearer Legionaries:
From left to right:
Heavy Gunner Serakh, Icon Bearer Garash*, Shrivetalon Tilhar, Coryphaeus Kor Gahal, Possessed Torek Cro’zgal, First Acolyte Ereshkigal, and Plasma Gunner Eshkar.
*(has a “Heavy Bolter Lite” (tainted rounds)

I also really wanted to play on an open board for the Chill Team weekend, but I decided that the ruins I bought in the fall, while being painted okay, wasn't really what I wanted - so I took a deep breath, and consigned myself to pretty much drybrushing every night for a couple of weeks, but I'm really really happy with the results - the ruins still need some weathering, and the statues wasn't a complete success (I tried the baby-wipe marble airbrush technique), but all in all I think it looks great, and it is a joy to play on: 

That's it for now, hopefully updates soon, as I have a couple of exciting projects in the works!