Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Skitarii so far

We haven't gotten around to getting some good pictures of the models, so this is all I can do for now with my phone.

The two walkers make everything look even cooler, and I personally can't wait to get started on the next 10 vanguards! 

So for me the painting schedule looks something like

10 Vanguards
2-4 Kastellan Robots
10 Infiltrators
Some electropriests
5 More rangers
1 More walker of some kind

... And a knight at some point :D


  1. Great force so far!

    Are you planning on painting on some markings or use decals, or do you consider the minis finished?

  2. Some freehand might be added at some point, but decals are a no-go in my book. Its cheating :p But Im inclined to say thede miniatures are finished except for the varnish, we still need to give them.