Saturday, 2 May 2015

WIP Ironstrider

I just wanted to post a quick WIP of the ironstrider. It is an amazing model, and I really want to see a full unit of these things, but boy is this not crazy complicated?! I don't think I'm ever going to get 3 painted. Anyhow - here is a picture of the lower part (The upper part of the model is mostly unpainted anyways).


  1. Yeah, in this case painting a fully assembled model sure looks crazy complicated... I guess it would be beneficial to try to paint the model in several parts.

    Still, I almost never do that myself, I am almost always to eager to build models :D

  2. I know it's stupid to paint fully assembled models, but I have this saying I like to live by. 'If you can see it, you can paint it'. That also means, you shouldn't paint things that can't be seen when a model is fully assembled. By putting it together first, you make sure to never paint somethimg, that won't be seen in the end. I think this has saved me more time than it has wasted :)

    1. That is a certainly a good approach.

      And probaby I shouldn't be the person handing out advice about not entirely assembling models before painting, because I do it all the time. Converting is simply more important to me than painting, and I always want to see the finished product :)