Thursday, 3 August 2017

Helbrute and Plague Marines incoming!

Since I'm waiting for some bitz for my daemon prince to arrive, I might as well do something in the meantime;

Since reading about the Helbrute in the new Index: Chaos, I got very excited about the Helbrute as a close combat monster - I've always pictured it as a raving maniac given metal form, and the new rules (extra attacks! And wounds like monstrous creatures! Finally!) make it seem like it could actually work - of course it has to get across the table, but 8" of movement isn't too bad, and best of all, the new Power fist/power scourge combo puts out a lot of hurt; 4 base attacks, +1 attack for having two close combat weapons, and 3 bonus attacks for the power scourge - that's 3 attacks with str 8, dam 2 and 5 attacks with str. 12 dam 3 - a grand total of 8 high str attacks!

Anyway, I got myself a Helbrute kit, and decided I had to do something about the legs - I really dislike the kit Helbrutes legs and feet - they feel so short and stumpy, and fat thighs as well, plus they seem so flat and mono-posey. I don't get why they didn't work on the DV Helbrute, and made the legs more like that model. Anyway, chop chop, off with his legs. I cut the legs of the Helbrute kit, just above the ankles, and made that the new knee joint, and mounted them on the lower legs of a couple of DV Helbrute legs I had laying about - this made the legs seem longer, and gave me the possibility of having a more interesting and menacing pose. I also made a new power fist with some Heldrake talons, and a Killa Kan circular saw - inspired by Morbäcks great helbrute on that one.

Furthermore, I gave it the DI Sorcerers belly plate and a plasma gunners head, to make it look more distinctively Nurgle, which I think works quite well. Obviously, he still needs a lot of green stuff work to make it all come together, detailing, and smoke stacks, but I think the basic model works really well.

Update: Someone on a forum requested more angles of the Helbrute, so I might as well share them here too:

I also finally got hold of the new snap fit PM kit, after them being sold out in all my local stores; they must be popular. However, even before getting them, I had planned to cut them up somewhat, since I only really liked the basic bolter PM.

I promptly cut off the power fist, since I wanted to use it on my Blightbringer champion.

The astute reader will also see that I've managed to do some clever cutting with his left arm, thereby giving him a Plasma gun, as well as giving the other champion a back banner, and a backpack with a Plasma gun, thereby giving me two cool Plasma champions:

Lastly, I used the Champions body, and used it for a (in my opinion) more interesting pose Blight Launcher gunner, along with some leftover DI Plague Marine parts: 


  1. Bad ass as per usual! Of I was half as talented as you, I'd be damn happy!

  2. Also that power fist you made is immense, any tips on how to do one myself?

  3. Thanks, Kris! The power fist isn't too complicated: I cut off the fingers of the normal power fist, and replaced them with the large talons from the Heldrake. Then I trimmed a Killa Kan buzz saw to fit, and glued it to the underside of the fist. That's pretty much it. :)

  4. Haha I actually meant on the Death Guard model, not the hell brute! But thanks anyway very insightful!

    1. That just looks like the one from the box of 3 Death Guard minis to me?

    2. Just saw your comment! It is and luckily I accidently purchased a box and found it! Thanks though man.