Friday, 29 December 2017

Fatemaster and Curseling

Hi guys - small update today; I was originally convinced that I should have a Curseling as my Tzeentchian warband leader, but during the last few days I got an idea that I had to try out - a Fatemaster on Disc conversion, based on the Stormcast on Dracoth leaders torso and a couple of Retributor legs.

I'm kinda torn between these two - which is the coolest, what should I use? They're obviously more like sketches at the moment, the Fatemaster needs some more Tzeentchian detailing, and the curselings helmet is giving me a bit of grief - I'm not sure what bit to use - but I'd still like your opinions.

Update on the Curseling:


  1. I like em both - actually kinda want to see both completed.

  2. I second the above, they look like they'll be awesome. If I had to pick I'd say the Curseling edges out slightly in front.

  3. That's 3! They both look amazing.
    You have a feeling of great power with the curseling's pose though

  4. Thanks guys! It's very motivating to read your kind words. :) I have a feeling that I'll do them both, but right now you've tipped me over to the curselings side. :)