Sunday, 10 December 2017

More updates - troll and Warlock

Some more updates - a Kisufisu on the TGA forums pointed out that the upper right arm was sort of off - and having looked some more at the troll, I agree. So I have two different versions, I'm happier with, but I'm having trouble deciding - any opinions?

Just a shot to show how creepy the faces and arms are - I'm really getting a "The Thing" vibe here, which I love:

Also, I've been working slowly on a Warlock Engineer for the Skaven warband - here's a sneak peek of him so far:


  1. I like the 2nd one without the nurgle insect leg out the back. Amazing stuff as always

  2. Awsome conversion. I like the second one down. All the little arms add a good flow to the miniature.

  3. Thanks guys - that's the one I'm leaning towards as well. :)