Sunday, 7 July 2019

Ship Ahoy!

I'm taking babysteps (pun intended) with the progress, thanks to "The Squig". However, I've been intrigued by the idea of using Gutrot Spume as a way to deepstrike a unit of Blight Kings, and reading Plague Garden by Josh Reynolds, I've become intrigued by the character Spume as well.

However, I've already used the (admittedly, quite cool) model for my Blight Kings as a unit leader, so I went on an inspiration search on the internet, to find out what people had done for conversions of him. Sadly, there wasn't too much, but I found this guy:

Billedresultat for gutrot spume conversion

(Sadly, I don't know who's done it, so I can't give him credit - If you recognise it, please let me know)

While there are definitely things I'd do differently, the basic idea of using the Gellerpox mutant tentacles and Typhus legs I really liked - so I set about making my own version:

I spent a lot of time scraping and cutting away any 40k-ish parts on the legs, and used gut-maw belly from the Pusgoyle Blightlord kit (mostly because I love the old-school gut-maws), made a huge axe from a combination of a 40k Death Shroud scythe and a minotaur axe, gave him a chain loin cloth, and used the "crab-hand" from the Khorne AoS starter set lord, to continue the nautical mutation theme - and finished it off with a back banner from the 40k Lord of Contagion kit. Obviously still needs a lot of sculpting, but I really like the basic idea - plus, he is HUGE:

I've also gotten a bit further on my Glottkin conversion; I've made a gladiator style shoulder pad (still needs distressing, though) for two reasons - both for having a place to put the dark green I used for the army, to tie him together with the rest of them, and besides; shoulder pads are awesome. :) 

I've also started the wizard on his shoulder - I'm a bit on the fence about him. While I have the Ethrac Glott model, I kinda wanted something thinner, more wasted and weedier - we'll see. 

Lastly, I got inspired to start a Daemon Prince conversion - this is extremely rough, sketch stage-ish, and he needs some fly wings, but I think this could work. 

As always, comments are much appreciated. :)


  1. Those are all pretty epically awesome. That Gellerpox tentacle is such a great bit, and it all comes together fantasically.

    I really like the sort of fungal vibe to the shoulder pads on your Glottkin. I also like sometimes going the emaciated and withered route for Nurgle, especially Sorcerers and such, rather than the more usual bloating.

    And yeah, details are always subject to change, but that is an excellent concept for a Nurgle Daemon Prince. I kind of want to make one like that myself, even tho I already have three of them, and rarely use more than one. Daemon Princes are almost as much fun to make as Chaos Spawn.

  2. These are amazing, thanks for sharing.