Saturday, 27 July 2019

The Screaming Oak WIP

Okay - I usually don't share pics this early in the process of making a conversion, since it's extremely rough and basically in the "sketch stage" - things are blutacked on, some things are only placeholders, lots of sculpting and parts missing, etc, but at this point I'm trying to get the pose and concept locked down - so keep that in mind. I felt it would be interesting to share though, since it gives a glimpse into my very messy process of making models as described in the little essay I wrote a while ago, about models and poses. That, and because I'm SOOOO excited about it!

Here is the very early stages of my Screaming Oak:

I'm basically trying to make a treeman zombie. While GWs Treelord model is very good, it is portraying a beautiful and nimble kind of treeman. I wanted something that looks corrupted, shambling, monstrous and really really evil. I even used the classic "bent knee zombie pose", to illustrate the point. I also wanted some really massive talons, which are made from the Shardwrack Spine terrain kit - like I said, they need lots of sculpting, but I tried to echo the "hollow" look of the talons of the Sylvaneth Spite Revenants. The legs and body also need a lot of branches and sculpting and hopefully a mouth or seven.

The head is a placeholder for now - I like the tormented look, but I'm not sure if it looks too "off" from the rest of the tree aesthetic. Lots more branches and spikes needed all around, but I really really like it so far, and the "murder of crows" emphasise the forward motion further.

I'm still very open to suggestions and comments, so please, fire away! :)


  1. Holy moly! That thing looks awesome. The backstory, combined with the amazing stuff you've put out before, promises an amazing end product. Looking forward to seeing more of this guy.

  2. Oh, damn! This is already pretty seriously creepy. It's gonna be awesome once you get it finished!