Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Pondering the colour scheme for my new Death Guard...

Hi guys - I've made two testers for my new Death Guard army, and I'm kind of torn between the green one, which is new to me, and the white one, which is a variant of the old one - which should I go for?

(obviously, details aren't done yet.)

Update: I've tweaked them both a bit - still very much in doubt; the white one is most clearly visible on the table, while I think it's a bit flat/boring when closely inspected. The green one is the opposite.

The tweaks I've made are some washes used a glazes, trying to get some warm and cool colours into the armour, and lightening the green one a bit.

Oh, and I managed to start a crazy conversion tonight, an idea that has been brewing in my head for some time - a BlightFiend! (Nurgle Forge Fiend)


  1. I favor the one on the left, myself, though they both look good.

  2. I prefer the one on the right,as white give you a great contrast for all the nurgly slime and what not also it seems more fluffy being the legion colour and these guys dont strike me as the type to repaint there armour

  3. I prefer the right one as the left made the model look like a stock blightking a about 1 feet away. (But may be the gutplate)

  4. Thanks for the input, guys - still thinking about it, though. Maybe a few more testers...

  5. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to know your process for the white armor on the right.

  6. Please tell me, how you did that beutifull olve green on first pic? I definetly want my DG in this green :)